According to Article 31 of the ASEAN Charter, the Chairmanship of ASEAN shall rotate annually, based on the alphabetical order of the English names of Member States. A Member State assuming the Chairmanship shall chair the ASEAN Summit and related summits, the ASEAN Coordinating Council, the three ASEAN Community Councils, relevant ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial Bodies and senior officials, and the Committee of Permanent Representatives.

Malaysia is the Chair of ASEAN for 2015 and the theme of its ASEAN Chairmanship is “Our People, Our Community, Our Vision.” For more information on Malaysia’s chairmanship:

Previous Chairs of ASEAN over the years:




2016 Lao PDR
2015 Malaysia
2014 Myanmar
2013 Brunei
2012 Cambodia
2011 Indonesia
2010 Viet Nam
2009 Thailand
2008 Thailand
2007 Singapore
2006 Philippines
2005 Malaysia
2004 Lao PDR
2003 Indonesia
2002 Cambodia
2001 Brunei Darussalam
2000 Singapore
1999 Philippines
1998 Viet Nam
1997 Malaysia
1996 Indonesia
1995 Thailand
1992 Singapore
1987 Philippines
1977 Malaysia
1976 Indonesia