Embassy News

  • August 18, 2019

H.E. SOK Chea, Ambassador of Cambodia to Myanmar, attended the “ASEAN Food Festival 2019”

From 17-18 August 2019, H.E. SOK Chea, Ambassador of Cambodia to ​Myanmar, led the Embassy’s officials to attend the “ASEAN Food Festival 2019” at Mandalay Convention Center in Mandalay, Myanmar, where they were showcasing Khmer national foods and products, including Khmer noodles (Num Banh Chok), grilled beef skewers, Khmer rice cake with pork (Num Ansom Chrouk), Khmer sweet rice cake (Num Kom), dumpling with mung bean filling (Num Bot), pepper, palm sugar, Khmer drum (Skor), Apsara sculpture, Angkor Wat Temple statute, Khmer xylophone (Roneat), scarfs (Krama) and fruits.